Welcome to Bent Simonsen of Denmark

Bent has provided us with a picture of his Danish bred Broken Rex Doe.  This doe won Best of Breed over 200 Rex entered in his local Rex Convention. The Danish call our "Broken" Rex " Dalmatiner".

From: "HOK" <hok@hok.dk>
To: "'Jo Agin'" <jagin@silcom.com>
Subject: SV: Rex brether i Denmark
Date: Saturday, April 15, 2000 11:11 AM
I have one picture of my Dalmatiner Rex. It is a female from 1996, taken at
our national exhibition, there I successfully won the trophy for best Rex in
competition wit about 200 other Rex. It was a great day.
Her she is, She is still in my stable, and is expecting youngster I a few

Bent would love to hear from some breeders from around the world.  You can email Bent at bentjlsimonsen@forum.dk


2001 National Rex Rabbit Club

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