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Going that Extra Mile

     By Kelly Hadrava

Once again I found my rabbit sitting on the scale, molting, and in poor flesh condition. Despite all my efforts to take the best care of my show stock, we were barely making the minimum weight requirements for a Rex. Someone told me that de-worming your rabbit will help with all of this. I had no idea how to go about de-worming a rabbit so I went to my local veterinarian. He gave me a small syringe and told me to give them 1/100 of a cc per pound of body weight  (a small pea size drop), of "Ivermectin" paste for horses. I did just that. Within the next weeks my rabbit had gained almost 1/2 pound, and started to come into nice firm flesh, and the molting was starting to stop. We all want to put our rabbits up on the show table being the best they can be. You can de-worm your rabbit every 2-4 months. A little extra work will always pay off in the end.

Please consult your local veterinarian before worming your rabbit

My name is Kelly Hadrava. I live In Bemidji Minnesota. I am involved in

4-H and attend ARBA shows regularly. I raise Opal and Red Standard Rex.


2001 National Rex Rabbit Club

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